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Good things come in small packages

In our client meetings with corporates and VCs we often hear that they have a global view on tech scouting. Rightly so. So why are we only focusing on tech scouting in Israel?

Well Israel has just ca. 9m citizens but created more unicorns than any country in...

👉N & S America except the US

👉Asia except the super giants of China and India

👉Europe except the big economies of Germany and the UK

👉Africa combined

And during Corona Israel set a new record year in startup funding and in Q1 this year it again exceeded it already.

So here we go, focus scouting efforts on a small high quality region instead of investing a lot of effort in covering the world - Pareto 80/20.

Consequently, when you are based in one of the leading economies whilst naturally scouting in your home market plus Israel, you should be well covered!


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