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We have access to international firms and investors driving innovation

Teaming up with us puts your startup on pole position

Innovantage Partners matches innovative startups with international firms and investors. We help entrepreneurs gain access to the global markets with the objectives of entering into partnerships or securing investments for their startups.


The potential upside from one initial engagement with a major global brand might have an unimaginary positive domino effect on future valuations, PR or business model of your startup. Follow up opportunities are truly endless.


We work with international firms and investors that are looking for Israeli startups. They pursue all strategies from partnering / JV to M&A to investment opportunities. Our partners are often leaders in their industry, you will be proud to work with and learn from them.


Access to markets abroad
Win-win approach

Startups benefit from our reach

Added Value

Our partners are international firms and investors that are looking for innovation. They pursue all strategies including partnering, JV, investment or M&A opportunities. They are often specialized industry leaders, you will work with and learn from them.

Domino Effect

The upside from one initial engagement with a major global brand will have a significant positive domino effect. It will positively impact your valuation, PR or business model of your startup. Follow up opportunities are endless.

Lasting Collaboration

We look after  you and your startup. We know the hard work you put into it and how precious it is to you. Once on our books we consider you also later on when a new opportunity will come up. There are no limitations, we are pragmatic in supporting you.

Market Access


We get you access to major global firms and investors abroad. When we see a fit between you and our partners we will connect your startup - now and in future.  We foster and care about our relationships for the long term.

Win - Win Approach

We lead workshops, conferences, visits and targeted searches on behalf of firms and investors. We aim for a true win-win situation where local startups and our global partners benefit from each other's capabilities, know-how, resources and needs.

Well-rounded Expertise

We worked at large companies, with startups and in management consulting around the world. We know how people, cultures and processes differ. This enables us to manage and mediate challenges effectively.


Registering with us puts your startup on the radar of international firms and investors that look for partnership, JV, M&A or investment opportunities.

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