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Startup Nation

 Tech Scouting & Startup Venturing

We know the Israeli startup ecosystem

Innovantage Partners is an independent Tech Scouting & Startup Venturing specialist focusing on innovation. We represent foreign companies and investors as their impartial and personal partner in Israel. We operate as your private open innovation outpost, scout startups and support the entire onboarding project. 

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 Your Innovation Need


Our Service



'Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower', according to Steve Jobs. We help firms and investors become more successful through innovative startup technologies. We are impartial, purely focusing on our customers needs to represent them in Startup Nation Israel. 

We are hands-on and provide the end-to-end innovation and scouting services, which includes strategy tech definition, innovation startup scouting, due diligence, PoC and collaboration on-boarding. We build a trusting long term partnership as your personal local Israel ecosystem expert.

Our goal is value creation for you. We scout for disruptive technologies to develop a competitive advantage, boost profits, save costs or accelerate growth. We help you to add value through startup partnerships, joint ventures, investments and M&As.

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Multi-disciplinary experience & knowledge

In the era of digitalization innovation enables companies to expand their scope beyond their traditional core business. It is a race to access new business models and new products. Be in control, leverage our cross-sector expertise both to explore inspirational white spots or your use-case specific needs.


Firms & Investors


Your experience and passion resonated with us extremely well. You have a very good scouting process. Having assessed the market, we are convinced to pursue a partnership with you!


We stand for quality and integrity. Our expertise combines know-how with know-who. Click below...




Select confidential client samples

We have a quality track record with client sizes from $250mn to 45bn. Our clientele contains of SMEs, "Mittelstand", large corporates and investors, click below. We work with neutrality & integrity and are proud to become long-term partners. Read our view on collaborating with the Israeli ecosystem.

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